Board of Directors and Committees


Arthur F. Anton
President and Chief Executive Officer
Swagelok Company

Christopher M. Connor
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Sherwin-Williams Company

David F. Hodnik
Retired, former President and Chief Executive Officer
Ace Hardware Corporation

Thomas G. Kadien
Senior Vice President, Human Resources,
Communications & Government Relations
International Paper Company

Richard J. Kramer
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Susan J. Kropf
Retired, former President and Chief Operating Officer
Avon Products, Inc.

Christine A. Poon
Professor of Management and Human Resources
The Max M. Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University
Retired, Former Vice Chairman
Johnson & Johnson

Richard K. Smucker *
Chief Executive Officer
The J. M. Smucker Company
* Lead Director

John M. Stropki
Retired, former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.

Matthew Thornton III
Senior Vice President,  US Operations
FedEx Express
FedEx Corporation

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Audit Committee

A. F. Anton - Chair
R. J. Kramer
C. A. Poon
R. K. Smucker
M. Thornton III

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Compensation and Management Development Committee

S. J. Kropf - Chair
D. F. Hodnik
T. G. Kadien
J. M. Stropki

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Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

J. M. Stropki - Chair
R. J. Kramer
S. J. Kropf
C. A. Poon
R. K. Smucker

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